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Find Your Blue Sky Breath

Blue Sky Breath is here to teach people breathing exercises that when practiced correctly can help improve health and wellbeing, reduce stress, improve sleep, release old patterns and emotions, and be more creative and open to all that life has to offer. Join us for a breathwork session or a multi-day adventure retreat and we’ll get you out of your head and transform your life. If you want something different, do something different!

Carrie Schaal

Blue Sky Breath

Like many others, I was lost in the day-to-day, pursuing a life that didn’t bring me joy. I had been climbing the corporate ladder for over 25 years. I was at the height of my career and had achieved many life goals. I’d made it, yet somehow, I had failed myself miserably.

I was always tired and anxious, suffering from brain fog and insomnia. I was attached to my email but had lost touch with friends and confidants. I ended a relationship and lost my tribe, my community, and any sense of joy in my life. I began practicing breathwork, meditation, and yoga to get a handle on my stress and discovered it was doing so much more.

Inspired and excited for the first time in years, I stepped away from the corporate world and threw everything I had into learning the craft of breathwork. I knew it was the path to finding the person I had once been, to rediscover my spirituality and find my joy. I rarely use the phrase “life-changing,” but what I learned and applied was just that. If it could help me at my lowest point to rediscover myself and transform the landscape of my soul, I knew I needed to be a voice and share it with others.

Blue Sky Breath is the culmination of my passion and life adventures. It’s helped me find my purpose and my happiness. It’s allowed me to find my community and reclaim my health and vitality, and my hope is that it can do the same for you.

Meet My Tribe

I’ve created a tribe of passionate and talented practitioners. Our spirituality, connectedness, and sense of adventure brought us together, but it’s also what sets us apart. Join us for an invigorating, authentic journey of self-discovery that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Julie Banashak

Julie Banashak is a breathwork practitioner whose journey with breathwork began 17 years ago. She also has certifications in integrative psychology and yoga, and a passion for ancestral healing and earth-honoring lifeways. She guides others toward personal and collective healing and transformation by integrating the past, being in the present, and breathing life into future visions for themselves and the world. Julie loves exploring the inner and outer landscapes of human experience through adventures such as shamanic journeying, poetry writing, zip lining through Costa Rica’s cloud forests, swimming through Hawaii’s waterfalls, and summer camping trips with her husband and two kids in Wisconsin.

Kerri Balliet

Kerri Balliet is an accredited transformational coach, Higher Ground Leadership® coach, trauma coach, happiness coach, and spiritual mentor. She helps people connect with the world around them through personal authenticity by aligning their mind, body, and soul. She lives her life out loud enjoying hot yoga, gardening, and traveling the world, and inspires others to do the same. After a loss she thought she would not survive and burnout left her unable to function, Kerri took a deep dive into her own internal operating system to find her authentic self instead of being the person she thought she needed to be.

Ashley Jordan

Ashley Jordan, J.D., is a writer and speaker. Ashley has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Woman’s Day, Teen Vogue, and more. She believes in the transformational power of storytelling to inspire and support people on their paths of personal healing. Ashley lives in Milwaukee with her three children—and indulges her passions for strong coffee, bold red wines, rich food, good books, vinyl records, and Bob Dylan.

Kristina Valenti

Kristina Valenti is an intuitive healer who uses traditional Spirit Card readings to help give specific guidance on life’s questions and uncover meaningful solutions. She also creates custom light language meditations and custom release rituals. She sought mentors and tools to help her understand herself better, heal her own insecurities and let go of her past after realizing her corporate life wasn’t serving her soul and that she needed to change from within. She learned the Jose Silva meditation practice, took classes from Teresa Reed and others and was certified in reiki healing.