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Breathwork Retreat & Session Testimonials

Blue Sky Breath can help you reconnect to your true self, unlock your full potential, and bring clarity and purpose to your life. Read about others’ experiences and how they’ve benefited from our retreats and breathwork sessions.

What do Gweneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, Orlando Bloom, Davide Beckham, and Justin Bieber have in common? They ALL practice breathwork. Blue Sky Breath is here to teach you this incredible healing practice because it’s not just for the rich and famous. See where your breath can take you!

“I have participated in many healing practices since my teenage years, given difficult experiences in my past. I only recently learned of and participated in Breathwork therapy, and I am amazed – stunned really – at the tremendous emotion releasing impact of this healing practice. After just the first experience, I felt lighter and psychologically healthier than I ever have following any other treatment form. I highly recommend blue sky breath, Carrie in particular, for helping anyone to work through stuck emotions.”

Karen Kussler

“I had high expectations going into my first breath work session with Carrie but they were quickly SURPASSED to a more wonderful, fulfilling experience than I envisioned. Carrie’s care and attention to detail, along with her calm, unhurried approach set the tone for this incredible work. With her guidance, I feel like I reached an important level of letting go, connection and potential all at the same time. A very worthwhile, empowering experience! The retreats sound incredible too! You’re in great hands with Blue Sky Breath!”

Judy Cronin
Business Support Specialist

“After the introductory call, finishing the questionnaires, and completing my first session, I’m almost at a loss for words. In one session with Carrie as a guide it’s almost as if I went through years of therapy. Her attention to detail, and actually getting to know who I am and what my needs are prior to the session is what struck me most- she tailored the session to exactly what I needed and made adjustments on the fly when needed. I highly recommend Carrie and her services for anyone looking to find inner peace, inner calm, and reconnect with the ability to believe in themselves. Already scheduled another session, and am looking forward to continuing the work.”

Tom Hendricks, BS, SPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program